#38. 100 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Feeling the closeness of Jesus
  2. A really good church service
  3. Family
  4. Friends
  5. Lifegroup
  6. Curling up with a good book
  7. Sleeping next to a fire
  8. Listening to the rain
  9. Photography
  10. Finding the good shots after a photo shoot
  11. Biblical Graffiti
  12. Reading Poetry
  13. Writing Poetry
  14. Getting good feedback on my poems
  15. Hearing that my art/poetry/words helped someone else
  16. Cuddling
  17. Bonfires and s’mores
  18. Feeling the passion of the Holy Spirit stirring me up
  19. Dust Bunny Mafia
  20. The feeling after knowing I just finished writing a good poem
  21. Getting random texts from friends and family just saying hi/checking in
  22. Road trips
  23. Driving down the freeway with my music blasting
  24. Playing my guitar
  25. Deep and challenging conversations
  26. Completing challenges that were difficult
  27. Hiking mountains
  28. Soccer
  29. Getting surprise packages/mail
  30. Good Christian Hip Hop music
  31. Feeling loved
  32. God moments
  33. Watching the sunrise
  34. Seeing the sunset
  35. Walks in parks
  36. Playing cards (hanging with friends) on rainy days
  37. Jazz cafes
  38. Good Americanos (coffee)
  39. San Francisco
  40. Local coffee shops
  41. Finishing a good book
  42. Creative inspiration
  43. Sleeping In
  44. Rainy days
  45. Having deep, meaningful conversations
  46. Donut man runs
  47. Achieving a dream
  48. Climbing Trees
  49. Sitting on Rooftops
  50. Finishing art pieces
  51. Seeing people comment on my poems/art
  52. Hearing that people enjoy the Dust Bunny Mafia characters
  53. Having money to spend
  54. Going to concerts
  55. Getting “lost” in a big city
  56. Praying
  57. Hearing from God
  58. Getting packages in the mail
  59. Good inspiration
  60. Quiet time with God
  61. Accomplishing a poem that speaks more to me than anyone else
  62. Finishing art projects
  63. Listening to music with my noise-cancelling headphones on
  64. Jamming out to a new CD from a favorite artist
  65. Great beats
  66. Hard-hitting lyrics
  67. Wingstop
  68. Spending hours in bookstores
  69. Cracking open an old book
  70. Getting new music in the mail
  71. Rediscovering favorite books, movies, CDs
  72. Learning something new about my friends
  73. Mindless hang out sessions
  74. Bonding with old friends
  75. Living life with new friends
  76. Hearing a boss is happy with my work
  77. Being there for my friends
  78. Difficult times that make my rely on God more
  79. Seeing the fruits of my labor come to fruition
  80. Spontaneous photography sessions
  81. Skating around new territory
  82. Getting that perfect shot (photography)
  83. Taking multiple attempts to get that perfect shot (photography)
  84. Having one perfect photo after a full day of shooting (photography)
  85. That lyric that stands out and hits your heart and head
  86. Dressing up fancy
  87. Reminiscing with old friends
  88. Practically applying concepts recently learned
  89. Getting inspired from scripture
  90. Hanging my art on the walls
  91. Really good coffee
  92. Cappuccinos
  93. Finishing a new website
  94. Exceeding people’s expectations
  95. Driving with the bass up (and windows up)
  96. Seeing prayers get answered
  97. Movies
  98. Spending time with family
  99. Seeing others excel
  100. Crossing tasks off

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