#15. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day

There I was, 6:30am with coffee mug in hand and I was waiting in anticipation.

I paced back and forth to my car, determined to wait here and see the sunrise. Somehow I was eager for the sun rise, as if I’d never seen the sunrise before; yet I had, because the sun keeps rising, day after day. So here’s the profound thought of it all, which came on the drive home: I “tried” to make it a spiritual moment, bringing my Bible, looking up scriptures for sunrise, but in reality it was a spiritual moment, yet I wasn’t wowed by it at all really. In my heart I still have my skepticism and I wasn’t amazed like I should have been. Consider the fact that God who created everything from the dirt I was standing on to the sunrise in which I was so expectantly waiting for and I wasn’t awed by really much of any of it. I’ve gotten so used to it happening that I missed the wow-factor of God the Creator. And furthermore, I’d gotten so used to God working in my life that I had missed the wow of simply stopping and reflecting on Him and realizing the amazing gift we have been given to be in a relationship with Christ; and not just any relationship, it’s a one-on-one, personal relationship with the Almighty God. How have I missed this and why am I not completely knocked on the ground everyday by this reality?

Fast forward 10 hours… and I am dropped not more than 4 miles from the last spot. Both times I picked spots that would have probably been more visually appealing at the other time. In other words I should have switched places for the sunrise and sunset for a “better view.” But altogether it was good and I kept thinking about what I had realized earlier today throughout most of the errand running. Anyways here’s some of the pictures from the sunset.

You can see Downtown L.A. in the center of the above pic slightly above the tree-line.


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