#35. Find a Job I Love

I know it’s really only been 3 1/2 days since I started my new job, but I am fairly certain that I am going to love it. So far it’s been really cool to see both the freedom and the responsibility that has been given to me. It’s a very laid back atmosphere and even though I’m the new guy here, I report directly to the CEO for all of my projects, which is nice.

God certainly has provided for me in this job situation.

At my last job I had to drive a good hour in the morning (San Dimas to East LA) and another hour in the afternoon, so my 8.5 hour workday looked more like 10-11 hours when all was said and done. Now, I’m averaging 30 minute commute times; best part is that I could even take side streets and still make it home in about 45 minutes if the freeways were completely backed up. It also helps that I am going against traffic both ways.

The job is great so far, not only am I having just about full control on the design side of the projects, I am not really told how to do my job, it’s much more like a contracting position. Not to mention this job has more scope than just a typical web designer position, I get to work on logo design, print/layout design and much more. It not only is the job position that I want, but I am also getting my feet wet in the viral marketing industry, which is exactly where I’d like to be down the road.

Another great thing about the job was the technology and how they provided for the job. To do my job all I needed were 3-4 programs from Adobe: Fireworks/Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator; and it really didn’t matter what version, I’ve used old editions just fine in the past, but I was given a nice 17″ work laptop to use complete with the Adobe CS5 Master Collection (basically the newest, fully-loaded collection), and all the other newest software that I could possibly need for my job. It’s really quite amazing how God can provide for someone and do it in a way that makes one really appreciate their current situation. Needless to say, I am pretty sure I have found a job that I love and it’s all thanks to God’s provision.


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